Outsourced Sales

HypeMill's dedicated sales force for kitchen and bath manufacturers.

In the competitive world of Kitchen and Bath manufacturing, having a dedicated sales force on the road can make all the difference. At HypeMill, we bring a dynamic team of sales representatives who are not just on the road; they are on a mission to elevate your products, secure placements, and expand your presence across multiple dealers.

How your outsourced sales team gets results for you:

Industry Expertise in Action

Our outsourced sales team is well-versed in the nuances of the Kitchen and Bath industry. From understanding the intricacies of your products to articulating their unique selling points, our sales reps bring a level of industry expertise that resonates with dealers and accelerates sales.

Vast Dealer Network Access

HypeMill opens doors to an extensive network of dealers eager to showcase innovative Kitchen and Bath products. Leveraging our industry connections, we ensure your products reach multiple locations, giving you the visibility and market reach necessary to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Expertise in lead nurturing results in a 50% increase in sales ready leads, along with a 33% decrease in its cost.

Source: Find Stack

Outbound prospecting, qualification and appointment setting

Our outsourced sales team at HypeMill is adept at proactive outreach. From identifying potential leads to qualifying prospects, we specialize in outbound prospecting strategies that lay the foundation for successful sales engagements. Whether it's setting appointments or initiating the first touchpoint, our approach ensures a strategic and personalized connection with potential clients.

generate leads

Fielding inbound leads to qualify or close

In the dynamic world of sales, every lead is an opportunity. HypeMill's sales team excels not only in outbound initiatives but also in effectively fielding and capitalizing on inbound leads. Whether it's qualifying leads for further engagement or closing deals directly, our experts ensure that every inbound opportunity is maximized for optimal results.

Full-funnel sales support from first touch to close

Navigating the entire sales funnel requires expertise at every stage. HypeMill provides full-funnel sales support, guiding clients from the first touchpoint to the final close. Our dedicated sales team crafts strategies tailored to each stage of the buyer's journey, ensuring a seamless and impactful experience that maximizes conversion rates and drives success.

increase sales

Managing current client accounts to increase lifetime value

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the initial sale. HypeMill's sales team actively manages current client accounts with the aim of increasing lifetime value. Through personalized account management strategies, we nurture client relationships, identify upsell opportunities, and contribute to the sustained growth and success of your products in the Kitchen and Bath industry.

Ramp up your revenue without building an in-house team.

Take the next step in expanding your market presence with HypeMill’s Outsourced Sales services. Schedule a consultation with our sales experts, and let’s strategize a plan that will connect your Kitchen and Bath products with dealers across multiple locations. Elevate your sales success with HypeMill’s dedicated sales force today.